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Hello this is Michelle and Welcome to my website Earth's Treasure. Were you will find Amazing Artisan, Spectacular and Rare Earth Gems and refreshingly Unique ‘One of a Kind’ Personalized Handmade Precious Metal Jewelry. Each piece of Handcrafted Jewelry gets my specialized attention. It is literally a unique and one of a kind piece. I personally guarantee the best shopping experience, swift and easy purchasing of any custom made request. I go through all my emails and personally respond to your request directly on the same day. I will do my Best to put a smile on your face.

I carry the largest varieties of Natural Gems, Rare Gems and Lab Created Gems. I am constantly finding the newest and hottest gems out there today. I promise that you will have such wonderful time just browsing through all the magical colors and styles.

Mens Rings and Jewelry

My Favorite Customers: Men! I bring to you, Men’s Rings and Jewelry for the Man who wants to look his best and sharpest. Show that Special Man in your life how much you love him. Show him you really care. This lucky-lucky Man will achieve a high status of compliments with my unique custom handmade and line of Men’s Rings and Men’s Jewelry. Choose shiny Silver, gorgeous Yellow Gold or White Gold, Slick Platinum and Rugged Steel.  I honestly carry one of the largest Selections of Men’s Rings and Men’s Jewelry. If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact me directly and let me know what it is that sparks your Heart’s Desire and I will create it for you! Go to the Contact page. Some of my unique Men’s Rings and Jewelry Styles:

I have literally thousands and thousands of unique pieces of handmade jewelry here on my website. Since 1999 I have been making custom handmade jewelry. I have won many awards and also art show awards for unique craftsmanship.  Looking for Energy Healing and Energetic Attraction of Good Fortune? Let the Magic of the Gems take you to another dimension of Bliss and Wonder.

Mystic Fire Topaz 

Are Rare Gems your thing?… How about some Rare ‘Mystic Fire Topaz’? Not found anywhere else on the web. It’s a very popular year round item. I also carry; Classic Mystic Green Topaz with its Purple and Green with violet flashes.

Looking for the Extremely Popular Mystic Twilight Topaz? - Also known as: ‘Sunset Topaz’. With its Orange color and Golden Rosy Flashes. Also called ‘Tropical Sunset’, like a stunning tropical island sunset.

No matter what particular ‘Mystic Fire Topaz’ jewelry you choose, you are just going to Love its beautiful array of colors and sparkles. One of the biggest things Mystic Fire Topaz is known for is how breathtaking beauty and unique colors, not seen anywhere. Feel free to surf our website to take a look at the many different colors of our mystic fire topaz jewelry selection before you finally make your choice. It is most certainly not a decision to be made quickly

Would you like to make a custom order? Some of my Custom Options:

  • Metals in Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Platinum and Steel.

  • Any Size you want! I can do ring resizing to any increments. Make it a perfect fit!

  • Styles and more styles.. Want a different style? Pick your favorite Jewelry and/or Gemstone or something different all together! Go to the contact me page and I will respond to your request personally.

  • Create a special custom Gift for your loved one, significant other, family or friend. Everyone deserves to have a beautiful gift of a unique piece of Handmade Jewelry;

  • Events I love making custom jewelry for: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Engagements, Mothers jewelry, Bride’s Maid, Baby Jewelry, For Children Girls and Boys, Teenagers with dazzling new designs and cool colors, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Holidays, Memorials, etc..I just love it!!!

  • Getting Married? Want something truly amazing for that once in a Life Time Special Day!?! I would love to create your wedding ring for you and your partner. Please contact me directly and I will gently guide you along to the choosing of the Ring of Your Dreams

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