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Agate come in even colored, dendrite, and striped varieties. Examples of even colored Agate are Blue agate, having a semi translucent blue color onyx loved for its glossy black color, and carnelian is also a birthstone of august and has a warm red orange tones. Tree agate has a opaque whitish background accented with green dendrites. Moss agate has a clear background with tree like dendrites.

Stripped (banded) Agate include Botswana agate is a soft grey/brown stone grey bands. blue lace agate, is a light blue color with white stripped bands. Mexican lace agate, also called "crazy lace" has interesting patterns of beiges, browns, and yellows. and sardonyx a gemstone with a warm orange tones with white stripes,

Agate is a member of the quartz family. It is a type of " chalcedony" characterized by micro crystal quartz.

The agate gemstone gets its name from a river in Sicily where people say it was first found called " Achates "

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