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Choosing the right kind of jewelry with the right kind of outfit is a definite art. It is not easy to find the right jewelry in one go mostly but sometimes once you've looked at jewelry, you know that you go to lay your hands on this and you've got to make it yours. This is the case mostly when people lay their eyes on the agate jewelry. This agate jewelry is so beautiful that many people can't take their eyes of it and why is that you may ask? The fact is that this jewelry of agate is available in so many shades that there is so much of variety and so much of space to try different styles with the same stone. This way people don't even compromise on the brilliant metaphysical effects of the agate jewelry but also find something to compliment their outfit. Excellent, isn't it?

Wearing a gemstone always is said to symbolize some aspect or the other. In this case agate jewelry is said to primarily symbolize the third eye. Most of the agate jewelry have stripes on them. These stripes are said to be a symbol of the various layers of protection that the jewelry of agate provides the wearer. Some agates have clouds that are blended into each other. These clouds also have a meaning associated to them which is amalgamation. Thanks to the various colors found in the agate jewelry, it is also said to be a symbol of the earth and Mother Nature herself. Agate jewelry is said to be a strong protector. It is said that nothing can protect as well as the stone itself.

Physical healing with jewelry of agate has been tried and tested for centuries. It has never failed. The stone is said to enhance the circulatory system of the body. The blood in the body carries out very important tasks and hence this is a very good gift to athletes as it is the blood that carries oxygen to various parts of the body. Wearing agate jewelry is said to dispel all the problems of the digestive system. It is said to give strength to the system to digest quickly. agate jewelry is particularly effective when placed on the 3rd chakra. It relieves all the problems with the pertaining chakra including stress and anxiety. There are various narratives about jewelry made with agate in the books of history. Listed below are a few interesting ones.

  1. Agate jewelry such as amulets and talismans were used by the Greeks as early as 3000BC. It was said that the Greeks believed that the stone warded off evil and provided protection and good luck.

  2. Some civilizations believed that taking a round agate jewelry and carving a hole in the middle of it to create an eye sort of a structure would be a very auspicious charm to wear at all times.

  3. Jewelry made with agate was always believed to be very beneficial for various stomach problems like digestion or pain r anything related to it.

  4. The fire agate is said to be a very powerful healer. It improves one's sexual life and balances all the essences in one's life.

  5. Colons, pancreas, pulses and blood sugar level are all supposed to be kept healthy if one wears agate jewelry.

There are various shades available in agate jewelry. You need to find the one that attracts you the most. Here are the most popular ones of the list. Go for Mexican lace agate if you are looking for something vibrant. Try the blue lace agate if you are looking for something sober that will suit every outfit. The tree agate is another type of agate that looks unique and has its own style. There are many kinds of moss agate as well if you want to try something way out of ordinary. Don't forget to check out the various colors of sardonyx as well, they are all shiny and beautiful with about the same properties. Look out for the brilliant collection of Agate rings, Agate pendants and Agate earrings. We assure you that you will love the entire collection that we have in stock. Rings made of agate are a rage currently thanks to the various unique types of agate available. People looking for Men's agate rings will also find what they are looking for right here at Earth's treasure.

Agate sterling silver jewelry, white gold agate jewelry, yellow gold agate jewelry or platinum, choose from our vast collection and experience the beauty of the stone yourself. Jewelry made of agate is sure to get you the compliments that you have been trying to get for ages. The agate jewelry is chic and classic, a very rare combination. It definitely is a perfect gift for your loved one.

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