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Alexandrite Color Change

Natural alexandrite gemstones change color. The red and green colors are always present in the Alexandrite stone but they fight for visual dominance. Natural alexandrite is composed of Chrysoberyl BeAl2O4 The trace element chromium is responsible for both the red-wine and green-blue colors of alexandrite The colors are dependent upon the wavelength of light and the crystal structure bonding. If there is more red in the light such as that of incandescent light bulbs or candle light -- the stone displays a reddish-fusha color. Daylight and most fluorescent light bulbs have blue tones -- causing the alexandrite gemstone to appear bluish green.

It is extremely rare to find just the PageBottom.html trace amount of chromium in a natural stone to make this dramatic color change possible -- therefore natural alexandrite gemstones are very expensive close to the cost of a diamond!

Simulated Alexandrite -- the affordable alternative for color change magic! and we offer in a wide selection shapes and sizes!

Simulated Alexandrite also has dramatic color change properties. The photographs to the left shows the gemstones in different lighting conditions. In Incandescent indoor lighting simulated Alexandrite has a red wine to fuchsia color. They display rich purple indoors changing to a bPageBottom.html teal green outdoors. We have both color shades of Simulated Alexandrite available email for jewelry examples of mounts we can set with them, we have rings for men & ladies, pendants, earrings and bracelets.

In Incandescent indoor lighting simulated alexandrite has a red wine to fuchsia color.

In Fluorescent indoor lighting, simulated Alexandrite has an amethyst to indigo purple color.

In Sunny outdoor lighting, simulated Alexandrite has indigo to bluish purple color with teal green flashes.

In Rainy outdoor lighting, simulated Alexandrite displays a mint green to teal green color.

In Shady outdoor lighting, simulated Alexandrite has more of a bluish green teal color.

Simulated Alexandrite gemstones are flawless and display dramatic color change. These gemstones are available in small and large sizes and in a variety of cuts and shapes. Visit our simulated alexandrite jewelry gallery to view rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry featuring these amazing gemstones.

Information about the origin, properties of natural and simulated alexandrite gems. We also have information about folklore and beliefs of this stone.

Alexandrite is the birthstone of June. Click here to view our birthstone chart organized by month and in collections of classic, modern, spiritual and alternative stones.

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