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Simulated Alexandrite Pictures

Like they say, " . . . A picture says a thousand words . . . " Fuchsia Pink -- Amethyst Purple -- Teal green. Amazing COLOR CHANGE!!!! of simulated alexandrite gemstone color change.

The photos of the simulated alexandrite jewelry below was taken in different lighting conditions.
  1. The first simulated alexandrite picture was taken inside with regular indoor lighting (usually round light bulbs such as those in a table lamp). The gem has a rich fuchsia pink red color of a Ruby.

  2. The second simulated alexandrite photo was taken under fluorescent lighting (usually long light bulbs such as those in a kitchen). The gemstone has a purple color of amethyst, also is purple blue in sunny outdoor lighting.

  3. Sometimes when the lighting is just right as in outdoor shade or on a cloudy day, you can see flashes of teal blue green color in the stone. The gem looks a bit like a Rich Blue Green Tourmaline.

The color change properties are due to the unique chemical composition of the gemstone.

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