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large bloodstone jewelry pendant Featured Bloodstone Jewelry:
This classic styled bloodstone pendant features a large natural bloodstone cabochon. Look closely and you'll see blood red spots across the deep hunter green gem. This stone measures 16x12 millimeters. Pendant looks attractive on neckchains or fine leather cord, for men and women. Each cabochon used in our bloodstone jewelry is unique.

View our bloodstone jewelry collection. For beautiful cherry-picked top quality stones from small 2ct to large 20ct bloodstone gemstones. Each gem is unique in its patterning. Be assured I hand select each gem and use only the best gems with multiple bPageBottom.html red spots on them. Choose from designs in .925 sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold. For other bloodstone jewelry that you would like made contact me with your custom requests.

Bloodstone "The stone of courage."

This is a alternative birthstone for March born along with Aquamarine. Astrological signs of Aries and secondary the signs Pisces and Libra. Bloodstone vibrates to the numbers 4 and 6. Bloodstone is not an anniversary gemstone.

Bloodstone is a mix of dark green Jasper and Red Jasper its red color coming from iron oxide. This sacred form of Chalcedony Quartz) is also called "Heliotrope" a solar reference. Ancient texts said it could be used to observe the sun and that the flecks of red resemble the sun setting in the sky. But its name makes the comparison of the flecks to blood undeniable. Throughout history there are many links between blood stone and blood in healing uses and legends.

Spirituality known as the stone of courage. It is believed to strengthen the heart and confidence. To Christians this stone held special meaning, as the stone of the martyrs. In the beginnings of Christianity this sacred stone was used to carve the scene of the crucifixion and the stories of martyrs. The reason for its use is the legend that Bloodstone was first created when drops of Christ's blood fell on some green jasper that was at the foot of the cross.

Bloodstone is known to bring balance to the sacral chakra balancing the base of the body. It is said to increase circulation of energy in the body promoting healing and the strengthening of the immune system. In the face of change and adversary Bloodstone will strengthen courage, allowing the person to see the benefit past the temporary period.

Bloodstone is found in: Australia, Brazil, China, India, and the USA (Wyoming).
Bloodstone is all natural. It is not known to be enhanced in any way or grown syntheticaly.
Hardness is 7 on the Mohs scale &150; which is harder than steel.

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email for custom bloodstone jewelry design If you don't see what your looking for all jewelry is made by hand and im happy to let you choose different mountings or gems. Email Me for more information.

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