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Capricorn, the tenth sign of the Zodiac, brings us the business persons of the world it belong to the people who are born between December 23 and January 22. A person born under this sign can wear pendant, bracelet, necklace, ring or charm made of many gemstones, but there is always one particular birthstone related to this Zodiac sign and i.e. Rubys. It is a symbol of vitality and passion. Other gemstones for Capricorn zodiac sign are fluorite, malachite, amethyst, cat's eye, tiger's eye, garnet, jet, star sapphire, smoky quartz and green tourmaline.

It has a symbol of The Goat, which is used in earrings, necklace, and bracelets etc. people like to wear Capricorn Zodiac Sign Amulet it symbolizes these qualities practical, loyal, cautious, conservative, ambitious, patient, obedient, restrained. Capricorns sometimes have a tendency to be a little too structured in their lives. These jewelries will pull in the strengths of the entire zodiac and help you relax and stop taking everything so seriously.

Here we discuss the main birthstone of Zodiac sign Capricorn:

Color: Rubies come in a wide range of natural colors and shades of red. The color range includes purplish, pinkish, orangey and brownish red depending on the chromium and iron content of the stone. Rubies are polychromatic which means they appear to be different colors when viewed from different directions.

Origin of the name: Ruby the word is derived from a Latin word "ruber" that means "red" which reflects the color of the stone. It is a valuable stone of a carmine red color which sometimes on border of violet.

Narration: It is a crystallized red range of corundum. Ruby is from the group of the Corundum family. The Crystal structure of the Ruby is Hexagonal (trigonal), dipyramidal

Stone history: In Asian countries Ruby has always stood as high esteem. Mostly utilized for ornament armor or scabbards or also the noblemen from Asian countries like china or India used them for harnesses. Some also mentioned that these Rubies were buried beneath the building foundation and this may being them or avail high fortune to the construction.

The largest ruby is in the crown of Charles IV, of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia. This birth stone is 250 carats and Charles placed this crown on the skull of Saint Wemaslas, duke of Bohemia, in 1346.

Rubies are mined primarily in Madagascar, Burma, India and Eastern Africa. These birthstones are used in healing for energizing after exhaustion, Intensifies emotions (passion, impatience, jealousy, love) , Infections , Cholesterol , Clots, Blood detoxifier for alcohol and caffeine , Reproduction problems , Sexual blocks , Stimulating circulation , Menses , Pituitary healing ,its relationship with blood, circulation and the physical body, this birthstones can be seen as a stone that affects the 1st or root chakra.

It was mostly assumed that the birthstone or gemstone Ruby has the power to emit energies of the Mercury planet because of its supportive nature and also those jewelry having this gemstone & worn by people will have the focus the energies of the planet and sign through the gem. All different types of jewelry containing Rubies are available including Ruby Cufflinks, Ruby pendants, Ruby eternity rings, Ruby earrings, Ruby bracelets, and Ruby necklaces.

Rubies are some of the most expensive gems in the world. These birthstones have long been a symbol of courage and wisdom. Using these gemstones, one can benefit some health related qualities and also emit positive energy. A confident and fearless approach born in our body after wearing these stones. Rubies are today still more valuable and rare than the top quality colorless diamonds.

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