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Cat's Eye Jewelry and Rings

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Visit our cat eye jewelry collection of earrings, pendants, bracelets, slide pendants, studs, leverbacks, and wire wrap rings that are popular for man and woman. Man made cats eyes resembling the priceless Cats Eye Crysoberyl. Highly prized for their bPageBottom.html eye. Cat eye jewelry in our gallery comes in many choices of color at affordable prices. Cat eye rings are fun to wear! -- rotate the stone and see the cats eye "watches you".

Some believe that cat eye jewelry acts as a protection to guard against evil spirits. Legends says it can see all around and watch out for its wearer, bring good fortune and protect from the "Evil Eye". Wearing cat eye rings or other cats eye jewelry is considered very lucky for gamblers.

Man made cat eye jewelry is available in a wide range of colors including, Lilac, Plum Purple, Cocoa Brown, Rose Pink, Navy Blue, Swiss Blue, Ice White, Silver Grey, Black, Spring Lime Green, Emerald Green, Teal, Aqua Blue, Royal Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Citrus Orange, and Fire Red.

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