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Chrome Diopside Jewelry and Rings

Siberian Chrome Diopside Jewelry is a beautiful rich green. The color is as intense as kryptonite you feel mesmerized by its beauty. It is a rare and hard to find gem. Emeralds wish they had this color, clarity, sparkle, and price tag. Chrome Diopside Jewelry gives you a wonderful quality stone for much less than it would cost for an emerald of that quality and size. Lets not forget that Chrome Diopside has almost twice the refractive index (sparkle factor) as an emerald!!

Chrome Diopside gemstone is mostly found in very small sizes. Large size gems are very rare and are usually reserved for collectors. Facet grade material is rarely found. Mined material is often heavily included and opaque. Due to difficulty in the way it must be cut, 90% of the gem is lost in cutting. (A 10ct piece of rough will result in a 1ct stone.)

The gemstones in our Chrome Diopside jewelry are mined in Siberia where the finest material is found. Where they must wait until the weather isn't freezing to mine. (a small window of time each year.) The more open economy of the Soviet Union has made this gem more available then in the past. This newcomer to the gemstone world is now seen in high end and designer jewelry.

I have acquired a vibrant green parcel of 1/2 gems of Chrome Diopside jewelry, available for Chrome Diopside Women's Rings and Chrome Diopside Men's rings. Matching pairs available for Chrome Diopside earrings in studs and lever back style. Dainty Chrome Diopside pendants also available.

Deposits are also found in India, Austria, Finland, Myanmar, Madagascar, South Africa, Sri Lanka and the United States, with the finest gems mined in Siberia.

For Metaphysical Healing - Chrome Diopside is a crystal energy attuned to the Heart Chakra. It can help bring a feeling of universal love into the every day life and views of the world. Emotional blockages will assisted in clearing fostering growth of trust and the ability to live a heart based life.

Diopside Structure:
Species: Diopside
Color: Green, yellow, brown, black
Specific gravity: 3.22 - 3.38
Chemical composition: CaMgSi2O6, calcium magnesium silicate
Crystal system: Monoclinic; columnar crystals
Hardness: 5-6 (Mohs scale)
Refractive index: 1.664 - 1.730

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