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Gemini are the ones born from May 21 and June 20,they are represented by the twins ,or a head with two faces .This is to depict the Gemini's dual personality. It ranks third in Zodiac list and is associated with the planet Mercury. Seeing the playful nature of the Gemini's, the jewelry can be made enjoyable it can be either a phone charm or a ring or a bracelet, the jewelry will help to cheer up the day and lighten person's mood .People of this sign are flexible because of which they tend to go against their own views and beliefs, and they can adjust to any kind of change.

The most common stone used for designing the jewelry of Gemini is agate. The other stones used for this kind of zodiac sign are watermelon tourmaline, blue kyanite, jade, emerald, serpentine, sapphire, citrine, chrysocolla and aquamarine.

Color: Agate varies from opaque to transparent and is available in most of the colors. Various tints can be seen in the same sample. Colors found naturally can be produced in combinations by artificial means.

Origin: It has come up from the Greek word known as Agate which means happy. .Another theory says it has come up from the Greek name of the stone which was found in the Achates River in Sicily now named as Drillo River.

Narration: It consists of branching inclusions chalcedony and is crystallized quartz. Its physical properties resembles as those of quartz. It does not have regular circular bands of color .It frequently substitutes fossil wood .Their chemical structure is similar to than those of bloodstone, flint and tiger eye and are usually found connected to opal .These stones can be used for making the pendants and necklaces for Gemini's. There are varieties of agate which includes blue lace, Indian, Green, Wood, Tree, Crazy lace and Moss.

History: This stone was discovered in France 20,000-16,000B.C.Agate is a gemstone used in commesso also known as Florentine mosaic, it is a method to fashion picture with thin, cut to shape of bright colored stones developed in Florence. It is one of cooling stones, it actually helps to lower down the temperature, and useful for person having stomach problems, which is most common health hazard in Gemini's. It balances the pulse rate and heart throbs insure sound health and long life .Botswana Agate is used as high pressure oxygen therapy .They are one of the delicate stones sudden temperature change and household chemicals can destroy it.

The risk of blood sugar ,pulse problem is likely to occur ,hence jewelry made of Moss Agate is recommended for person suffering from circulatory, ,blood sugar balance and pulse problem. Jewelry made with Moss agate is also recommended for emotional and mental priorities .It grounds and balances the life, so it is best suited for Gemini's.The jewelry beaded with Agate makes the person mild, continent and careful and helps to look at the world with a broader viewpoint.

These stones are mostly found is Egypt, Germany, Brazil, Italy, India, Mexico, USA, Russia and Uruguay.The Gemini jewelry is also believed to cure insomnia and to make sure to have pleasant dreams and lookout for the danger also. This stones can be embedded either in earrings, necklaces or bracelets .But has to be protected from sharp blows and scratches.

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