Alexandrite Healing Jewelry helps cast powerful spells

Posted on: Monday, Aug 8, 2011

Most stones are recognized for its healing powers or the other. In a similar way Alexandrite is also recognized for special healing powers. Alexandrite healing is associated with the planet Mercury. The strangest reality about this stone is that when compared to others, this stone is almost new as it was found only about 150 years ago. It didn’t take long for people to discover out its blessed and magical features, even it’s a new stone. The dual colored healing with alexandrite is known to always represent dual times in life whether it is good luck or misfortune or any two sides of a coin. But this is the very color that interests many people around the world. Considering the stone is exceptional, the original alexandrite is pretty expensive.

Being a new stone, there are no ancient legends in the context of alexandrite healing. However, when it was first discovered, the dual colored look of the stone brings everyone to believe that it has a bunch of magical powers. Alexandrite healing can effectively help cast powerful spells when used with everything that is ruled by mercury. It will be at its best when it has sun rays reflecting off it. Healing with alexandrite is said to be at peace and is very beneficial when used at the time of meditation. The stone is expected to bestow the wearer with the power of analytical thinking because the Planet Mercury is associated with the same. The stone’s dual color imparts emotional balance to the wearer. Here are some of the metaphysical features of the alexandrite healing:

  1. The stone is known to improve the communication capabilities of the one who wears it.
  2. Healing with Alexandrite is said to develop the ability to remember something i.e., increases one’s memory.
  3. When a person is faced with change, the Alexandrite healing is said to make the wearer be flexible to it.
  4. It is specifically effective on the nervous system and is said to ward off stress.
  5. Thanks to the healing with Alexandrite, there will be no more dilemmas related to the pancreas, spleen or even the lymph nodes
  6. The dreams that are dreamt wearing this gem has an exact meaning and purpose.

It is said to be a very happy stone causing a lot of joy and positive energy into one’s life. One generally known fact about this is that when one uses it to enhance their meditation sessions, the stone assist them to determine their goals and makes their path clear as possible. People who get worked up easily will discover that the Alexandrite healing can create a very calming effect. In addition, it is effective for those who are born under the rule of the planet Mars because consistently the stone is red and the planet itself is red. Its especially helps people enhance personal attitudes like low self esteem, poor confidence and makes one more open to being happy and receiving positive energy in all places.

The alexandrite healing is said to be very productive when used to cure the 2nd chakra. It will not only cure chakra but also permit the topmost energy flow through this chakra. This is one of the fundamental reasons why the stone is capable to help a person find his true inner being when meditating with this stone. It is highly fortunate for spells cast for love and due to its rarity is said to be a very good sign of success and fortune. Plus, it is associated with a many magical powers but none of them have been proved to this date.

The stone is highly expensive since it is extremely rare and was even considered to be extinct at one point of time. A small alexandrite can cost a quantity more than a bigger sized diamond. However, for those who love to collect this precious stone, we have lab simulated alexandrite which creates the same dual colored effect at an affordable rate. So now, you’ll not be bothered on digging too deep into your pockets just to have these magnificent stones. Alexandrite healing is clearly an added bonus when it comes to acquiring the stone. We have admirable jewelry made with alexandrite gems like alexandrite rings, pendants and earrings. You can choose the metal in which you’d like to see the stone. Whether the stone will be fit in sterling silver, yellow gold and white gold, we have it all. Have the benefit both the beauty and the metaphysical properties of the stone.

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