Topaz Meaning Jewelry symbolizes strength and courage

Posted on: Tuesday, Aug 9, 2011

At time we stop to think about how various gems got their names. When we consider thinking about Topaz meaning and the story behind its naming, we are still not sure of which story that is possibly correct form of what really happened. All in all, there are three different tales behind the name of the stone Topaz. It will be our decision on which story we will believe in. The first one says that it derived from a Greek word called “topazion”. While, the second story which is completely different from the first, it says that topaz was named after the Sanskrit word “tapas”. The last said that the stone was actually named after the “Topazos” island. This Island can be found in Egypt, they believe that topaz originated from this because it is where the stone can be found.

Common folklore

  1. In the olden days, the very famous feature of topaz is that it was said that the stone is associated with protection from falling off horses or even any other animals when riding on them.
  2. Topaz meaning is believed to put off death and a very useful in healing agent against mental and physical diseases of all kinds.
  3. According to legend and lore, it was believed that Topaz is very effective in identifying if the food or drink is being poisoned. The stone will be just inserted into it and if there is change in color that indicates poisoning.
  4. The power of the topaz is said that it is associated with the moon. When there is full moon the topaz will be at its strongest point, while if there is a no moon day topaz is weak.
  5. Other believed that upon wearing the topaz it will make them invisible in times of danger.

Birthstone info

The topaz has lot of colors and it depends on the color on which month will it be used as birthstone. Yellow is for November, Blue is the modern birthstone of December, Colorless or white is for April. Also, Read, Pink and Golden Topaz doesn’t have specific month but it can be used as general birthstone for those who are born in November. It is said that it couples can used this as gist for their fourth and 19th wedding anniversaries. Topaz symbolizes strength and courage

Zodiac Info

Scorpio is the zodiac sign that gains the most out of the Topaz stone. Scorpio only can make the topaz works because Jupiter rules the sign of Scorpio and that is also the reason why they benefit the most out of this stone. People who has Scorpio as there zodiac can wear any color of the stone and still find the valuable effects in their life.

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