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Green Jewelry and Rings

Green, the color of Earth, has been known to contain the powerful energies of nature. Green attracts wealth, luck and money to its owner. Green jewelry promotes growth and order, which are necessary for any sort of transformation or change you are about to undergo in your life. With its ability to stabilize the mind and promote kindness, green jewelry is one of our most popular items. When to go green:
  • When you are going through an emotional transition

  • Are in need of change and growth

  • Need a creative spark

  • Alleviate anxiety, fear, and depression

Some of the most popular green gemstones:


The peridot gemstone is a wonderful stone for someone who's going through some rough times. The peridot gemstone invokes emotional stability, inner peace, and creates a sense of security. Its calming effects are very useful in promoting sleep during those restless nights. Because of its many soothing characteristics, this gemstone has been known to lighten nervousness, lift depression and heal emotional and physical pain. This amazing gemstone provokes necessary change in its owner, which is necessary for someone who is going through emotional pain. Increasing one's self esteem and encouraging positive thought, the Peridot is the PageBottom.html stone for someone who needs a little lift.


The jade gemstone has been forever linked to immortality due in part to its durable and long lasting structure. It is believed that jade can bring purity, kindness, intelligence, good luck, and power to its owner. It can also help in relaxing the wearer during somewhat stressful situations. Overall, the jade gemstone is an excellent choice for anyone Emerald:

Emerald is the most popular green gemstone of them all. It has the powerful ability to sooth and stabilizes one's mind, which results in a strong sense of security. The stabilizing effects of the emerald promote a strong mind and an even stronger memory. Known for its calming effects, the emerald is very good at sparking creativity and restoring faith, which can help someone who is going through emotional transitions. A universal symbol for honesty and kindness, the emerald is the PageBottom.html stone for everyone!


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