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Iolite Jewelry and Rings

The Earth's Treasure style cut breakdown:

  • Gem name: Iolite

  • Color: Purplish blue

  • Moh hardness level: 7.0 - 7.5

  • Known mostly as: The September birthstone

  • Great gift ideas: September birthstone jewelry, September birthstone ring, iolite jewelry

  • Known to represent: Truth, peace

Iolite jewelry and the iolite gemstone are best known for the affordability it offers without sacrificing beauty or quality. Named after the Greek word for violet, 'Ios', the iolite gemstone resembles tanzanite and sapphire in its outward appearance. The gem is mined in Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Norway and Finland as has hit a boom in popularity recently.

Iolite is said to have many different healing type properties as well. The biggest of which is that it helps to put prevent feelings of victimization and can help you feel comfortable in a leadership role. It is also said to help others feel comfortable in your role as a leader.

Wearing iolite jewelry is also said to help open up intuition and can open the pathway for you to become more spiritual. It is generally said to be a great stone for someone who is looking to find a purpose or direction with their life. Many people have reported sudden "bursts" of intuition where you'll be fully aware of what you're supposed to be doing or what purpose you currently have. Because of this, iolite jewelry and the iolite gemstone are very popular among younger people or with people who may have lost their way throughout life.

although iolite usually comes in a clear to blue/purple lavender color, it can also come in green, grey, yellow, brown and dark blue colors and hues. Since it is the birthstone for September, it obviously makes a great gift for someone who was born in September or who may be experiencing a point in their life where they are unsure of where their future is headed.

although iolite rings are the most popular of the iolite jewelry, iolite earrings, pendants and necklaces make just as beautiful and thoughtful a gift. The iolite gemstone makes a great gift for nearly anyone basically and will show them that you care and put a lot of thought and love into the planning and conceptualization of their gift. Not only will they cherish it for its beauty and meaning, but thanks to its Moh hardness level will remain a favorite and precious gift for anyone for many years to come.

If you're not quite sure what to get that special someone in your life or even if you yourself are looking for a special gemstone that will help you face the trials of life, the iolite gemstone and iolite jewelry make an excellent choice. Not only will it open up your spirituality and help you to become aware of a higher power but it will also help you put yourself in the frame of mind that YOU control your destiny and YOU will pave your future.

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