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Mystic Fire Topaz Information

mystic fire topaz

Mystic Fire Topaz is made through a special process combining science and mother nature to produce some of the breathtaking and vibrant color combinations available in the world in gemstones. This technique is used on genuine natural topaz gemstones to which titanium, (one of the strongest metals in the world), are bonded together at the very molecular level and become one on the surface of the topaz gem stones after the bonding process occurs.

"Mystic Fire Topaz" tm and "Mystic Topaz" tm is the original pattented titanium treated natural topaz and has the best quality and durability. We only use the pattented American made mystic topaz made by Azotic Coating Technologies Inc. Be sure to always know the origin of your treated topaz to know that you are not getting a poor quality and counterfeit gemstone. Purchasing mystic topaz gems made by The Azotic Coating Technologies Inc. is your assurance of quality.

mystic fire topaz

This causes an aurora borealis affect of the same phenomena that creates a rainbow sheen of oil on water and the colorful sheen of bird feathers. These rainbow colors make mystic fire topaz jewelry increasingly popular. Depending on the thickness and process used, it produces varying optical colors. Click here to view the different color spectrums available such as Moon Glow, Mercury Mist, Bodacious Reflections, Kiwi, Twilight, Java Blue, Mystic Green, etc . . .In care of the gems they should be treated like a opal or pearl. Not subjected to hard abrasives or acids. These beautiful, mystical colors are permanent and stable with proper care.

We specialize in the finest quality & selection of mystic topaz pendants and jewelry.

View our collections of men's mystic fire topaz rings, Ladie's mystic fire topaz rings, mystic fire topaz earrings, and mystic fire topaz pendants.

Other names used for Titanium treated topaz used in jewelry are Mystic topaz, Mystic fire topaz, Caribbean topaz, Alaska topaz, Alaskan ice and Rainbow topaz. These are all different terms used to describe the same gemstone treated by titanium vapor for a permanent rainbow of colors.

Yellow shades of topaz are used for novembers birthstone, and the blue shades are used for december.

Our jewelry is available in many styles for men and women in yellow or white gold.

blue mystic fire topaz
Mystic Blue - Soothing tones like a peacocks feathers. Firey flashes of blues, indigos and purples on a deep sage background. A popular color we keep stock of most shapes and sizes.
mango magic
Mystic Fire Topaz Mango Magic Mango Magic - Colors from deep in the jungle. A dark bronze base with flashes of green, bronze and gold. Looks great with natural tones in clothing.
twilight topaz
New gem, Twilight Twilight mystic fire topaz - warm and vibrant it has flashes of orange and pink and gold fire on a orange base gem the bigger gems also have lavender flashes. Looks just like a sunset in the Florida Keys


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