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Mystic Fire Topaz Jewelry and Rings

Mystic fire topaz is also called mystic topaz, rainbow topaz, titanium topaz, mystic topaz vivid colors complement today's fashion trends. Alaska topaz" and Caribbean topaz are other names for titanium treated natural topaz.
We have mystic topaz men's rings, ladie's rings, along with a myriad of earrings, pendants and other designs for man and women. Our petite sized styles can fit teens and children.

See our Mystic Topaz Jewelry listed by Color

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Below is a listing of our mystic fire topaz jewelry and mystic fire topaz rings, pendants and earrings by Style.

  • Mystic Fire Topaz Man Ring -- mens styles in many shapes and colors. Our most popular is the textured inset emerald cut design.

  • Square Mystic and Cushion Cut Fire Topaz Rings -- rare shape in our collection! Making this shape takes the most rough to cut down to dimensions needed for these gems cuts. Fashionable styles feature princess, square and cushion cut designs.

  • Oval mystic Fire Topaz Rings -- It has the most variety of styles and is the most common shape. Also very attractive with checker board faceting on top or diamond cut on the bottom. Gem sizes range from 1 ct. up to 6 ct. in size. We have delicate solitaires as well as wide bold band designs.

  • Emerald Mystic Fire Topaz Rings -- This gemstone shape shows the most extreme color variations due to the step cut faceting on the gems.

  • Pear Mystic Fire Topaz Rings -- You don't see this shape often or in may colors. Gem cutters have to remove a lot of rough to make the top point.

  • Round Mystic Fire Topaz Rings -- Everyone's favorite, the simple round stone. We have all the colors in this shape especially the most popular 1 ct size. We also got in some diamond cut rounds which show even more sparkle due to the many extra facets on the bottom.

  • Heart Mystic Fire Topaz Rings -- Universal symbol of love and romance. We got in new heart shapes in Mystic Green, Neptunes Garden, Twilight colors!

  • Mystic Fire Topaz Earrings -- We offer different styles from simple studs to leverbacks. If you see a style in studs and would like them in leverback instead, email me for more info. Also if you see a gemstone in the rings area and would like earrings made, contact me.

  • Mystic Fire Topaz Pendants -- From petite 1 ct rounds to large accented sliders. If you see a gem in the other areas, we can make a matching pendant.

  • Mystic Fire Topaz Wire Wrapped Rings One of a kind piece of art you can wear on your hand. Each ring is hand woven out of sterling silver. Many sizes and gemstone colors to choose from.

  • Mystic Fire Topaz Charm Rings -- 4mm round gemstone set dangles from a wire wrapped ring band. Sizes 2 to 15 and letters A through Z.

"Mystic Fire Topaz" tm and "Mystic Topaz" tm is the original form of titanium treated natural topaz and has the best durability and quality. We only carry the original American made mystic topaz patented by Azotic Coating Technologies Inc. It is always important to know the origin of your treated topaz to know that you are not getting a poor quality counterfeit gemstone.. Purchasing mystic topaz gems made by The Azotic Coating Technologies Inc. is a assurance of quality.

How it is made: The popular mystic fire topaz is a natural topaz gemstone, mined from the earth, that has been color enhanced by bonding it with a fine layer of titanium atoms, in a process called vacuum deposition. This creates a flashy rainbow of colors across the surface of the topaz gem like light moving through a prism. The light displays a rainbow of colors or certain color spectrums depending on angle and depth that is bonded to the topaz.

Only pure white stones of best quality are used for this color enhancement. Makes a great birthstone give for soemone who wants to be unique. Topaz and citrine are November birthstones.
twilight pendant
Twilight has glowing orange base with flashes of pinks peaches and gold. We have new pear (tear-drop) shaped gemstones in stock.
moonglow leverback earrings
One of our most popular stones, Moonglow, is now available in fancy leverback earrings, cute charm pendants, tiffany solitaire rings with cushion and round gemstones.
cassiopeia ring
New gem, Cassiopeia is a soft blue main color that has flashes of lavender and aquamarine. The beauty of this stone reminds me of refreshing ocean waters.
NOTE: if you like a stone shown in a jewelry piece, but is not in a style that you like or like a style but you would like it with a different gemstone, or would like a custom designed piece with a very large mystic topaz, feel free to email me. All pieces are made by hand and can be made to your request. Because of the many style choices, mystic topaz rings are also becoming popular for wedding and anniversary rings, promise rings and commitment rings. Click Here to Custom Order
mystic topaz Jewelry

When I move my hand while wearing of of my favorite mystic topaz rings -- I see vibrant shades of purples, and at another angle I see refreshing blues and greens. It is this " fire " that has made this gemstone increasingly popular. Click to view our ring gallery. We have classic as well as the newest colors in mystic topaz. There are also pictures of mystic topaz rings on hand models. stretch

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