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Mystic Topaz Jewelry and Rings

Mystic Topaz jewelry is made from pure white topaz that has been treated with titanium atoms to reflect rainbows of color like light through a prism. This stone is also referred to as alaska topaz, alaskan ice, mystic fire topaz, caribbean topaz, rainbow topaz and titanium topaz. We have a large selection of mens rings and womens rings, pendants and earrings. Shown in many different mystic topaz colors both common and rare.

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Below view our Mystic Topaz Jewelry in Men's and Ladie's Styles listed by mystic topaz color.
  • mystic green mystic topaz Mystic Green fire topaz jewelry -- This color is the classic shade of mystic, the first to be made. This stone has a dark sage green base with flashes of green, violet and purple in the imperial. It also has flashes of blues and in the Mystic Green Dark, it has very vibrant colors coming from an extra dark, almost black, base tone. This gem come in all shapes and sizes, but we just got in some special checker-top cushion cuts in 1ct and 2ct sizes.

  • mercury mist mystic topaz Mercury Mist mystic fire topaz jewelry -- A beautiful stone from Azotic's Nirvana Series. It features a beautiful inner-fire of baby blue main color going to teal with little flashes of lavender around the edges and an over flash across the top of the stone of pink and golden reflections. Very feminine and soft showing all colors of pastels. will go great with any pastel clothing or with white and black clothing.

  • moonglow mystic topaz Moon Glow mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Warm and vibrant! features an orange center going to yellow with an over reflection of blue and teal, reminding one of a morning sunrise. Very happy with its warm colors and the opposite of Mercury Mist. This gemstone is from Azotic's Nirvana Series.

  • cassiopeia mystic topaz Cassiopeia mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Newest color in the collection. It is dreamy and serene featuring a baby blue aquamarine base tone with flashes of teal, and tiny flashes of lavender. We have this gemstone in 1ct and 2ct size diamond cut rounds and 1ct and 7ct cushion cuts. There are only a few available.

  • twilight mystic topaz Twilight mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Has all the colors of a sunset in the Florida Keys. The base color is a soft orange with flashes of gold and pink. In the larger stones you also see flashes of lavender. It is one of the most popular. We have this gem in the standard shapes and in also the hard to find pear shape.
  • neptunes mystic topaz garden Neptune's Garden mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Like a mermaid's dream, this gem shows all the colors of the ocean. Deep blues, blue-greens, indigo and teal flashes of fire ripple through this stone like waves of the ocean. We have this gem in 2ct diamond cut and regular cut ovals and 2ct emerald cuts. Just in! is some fancy marquise cut in large and medium sizes. Email me if you would like a matching set made.

  • mystic blue mystic topaz Mystic Blue fire topaz jewelry -- Rich colors like peacock's feathers. This gem features a deep sage green background with flashes of blue, indigo and flashes of purple in some of the larger stones. We have this gem in many sizes and shapes.

  • jasmine clouds mystic topaz Jasmine Clouds mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Beautiful rare color has a very very dark grayish sage base with flashes of indigo blue and deep indigo. Limited quantity -- we have it in fancy pear cuts and 2ct emerald cuts.

  • mystic rose mystic topaz Mystic Rose mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Very rare color. We have few of these left. We only have 10x8 mm octagons and 6mm rounds. Color is like a rose bush with a leaf green color fading to a brownish rose to rose pink like flower petals.

  • extacy mystic topaz Extacy mystic fire topaz jewelry -- A beautiful variation of mystic twilight. It has focus on pink and fuchsia rather than orange as the main color. It is a accenting color and is more of a richer cinnamon tone. Tiny flashes of turquoise can be seen in the larger stones.

  • mango magic mystic topaz Mango Magic mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Very earthy shade with a bronze base stone color with flashes of jungle green and deep gold. Look great with neutral colors of clothing.

  • indigo moon mystic topaz Indigo Moon mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Unusual color -- deep and sultry. Has a very dark grey to almost black base with flashes of deep indigo -- like a black light color. We have these in 2ct octagons and ovals in limited quantity and 4ct ovals. If you would like a matching set made, email me.

  • hot pink mystic topaz Hot Pink mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Amazing color like the very popular and expensive hot pink sapphire. It features a rich and deep girlie shade of pink. We have these in 1ct checker top ovals, 2ct cushion cuts, and 4ct cushion cuts.

  • rose pink mystic topaz Rose Pink mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Vibrant, feminine shade of pink -- not to light -- not to dark -- a perfect shade like fresh cut pink roses. We have this shade in 1ct rounds and 2ct emerald cuts.

  • fire opal mystic topaz Fire Opal mystic fire topaz jewelry -- Rare and unusual tone. Looks like like a mexican fire opal in a blazing shade of orange. We have these in limited quantity in 1ct checker top ovals.

  • mystic fie cz Also view our new Mystic Fire CZ rings, pendants and earrings. Mystic Fire CZ displays the colorful rainbows like mystic fire topaz gemstones but on a simulated diamonds.

"Mystic Topaz " tm and "Mystic Fire Topaz" tm are the original form of titanium treated natural topaz and has the best quality and durability. It is always important to know the origin of your treated topaz to know that you are not getting a poor quality counterfeit gemstone. Purchasing mystic topaz gems made by The Azotic Coating Technologies Inc. is a assurance of quality. We only carry the original American made mystic topaz patented by Azotic Coating Technologies Inc.

NOTE: if you like a stone shown in a jewelry piece, but is not in a style that you like or like a style but you would like it with a different gemstone, or would like a custom designed piece with a very large mystic topaz, feel free to email me. All pieces are made by hand and can be made to your request. Because of the many style choices, mystic topaz rings are also becoming popular for wedding and anniversary rings, promise rings and commitment rings. Click Here to Custom Order
mystic topaz Jewelry

Mytsic topaz comes in colors to fit any taste, from the violet and green color of the classic Green Mystic Topaz, to the vibrant orange, gold and pink color of Twilight Mystic Topaz. Also popular is the sage green, blue and indigo colors of mystic blue topaz.

We also care the hard to find blue variations of Neptunes garden Mystic Topaz which is blue, teal and indigo and its twin the Java Blues Mystic Topaz which is Blue, Indigo and Purple. For a dreamlike effect be sure to check out the Auora Borealsis look of the Mercury Mist Mystic Topaz and the Warm rainbow tones of the Moonglow Mystic Topaz.

When I move my hand while wearing of of my favorite mystic topaz rings -- I see rainbow colors that shift and change with each angle. It is this " fire " that has made this gemstone very popular. Click to see our mystic topaz rings There are also pictures of mystic topaz rings on hand models. We have classic as well as the newest colors in mystic topaz.

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