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sea opal paua shell

Paua Sea Opal has iridescent color!. The cabochons in our sea opal paua rings and jewelry have eye catching iridescent fire! - Haliotis Iris come from a Very Rare Mollusk belonging to the `Haliotis Iris` Family, This very valuable marine mollusk is highly prized for the very beautiful, iridescent play of fire nacre it produces. It is often used to create imitation opal mosaic doublets, winning it the nickname of the `Sea Opal` Visit our Paua Sea Opal jewelry collection to see this beauty for yourself.

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Wear one of our paua rings! such as our popular X-band solitaire and watch how the paua shell reflects different colors depending upon the angle viewed from much like Opal or a Hologram! When the sea opal paua shell is polished brilliant blues, teals, greens, pinks, purples and pearl textures in color are revealed. The unique colorings of the Paua shell are produced by the rich sediments (predominantly of a volcanic origin) within pollution free local New Zealand waters. Origin: Only Found @ Coast of New Zealand,

As you can see in the pictures here, each paua shell is unique and special. Some have more black matrix patterns, while others resemble the spiral of finger prints and the waves of the ocean. Our paua jewelry collection uses the finest choice cabochons. We have many sizes of sea opal paua to fit a variety of rings for men, rings for women, earrings, and lovely pendants.

sea opal paua jewelry

It has long been believed that the many shimmering colors of the paua shell balance and align the charkas of the human body .

Some believe that wearing paua shell jewelry aids in creativity and strengthens the the heart charkas.

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