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Spinel -- a rainbow of rare and brilliant colors.

It is popular with gem collectors due to the rarity and vividness of colors. Spinel is colored by metallic trace elements. Even rarer than the rich ruby red spinel are cobalt blue spinel the rarest spinel of all are an intense and vibrant blue color. Their color rivers the color of the most beautiful of sapphires.Other rare colors are a rich plum purple, deep kelly green that competes with fine emeralds and chrome diopside for depth of green. The brilliant spring green spinel is brilliant as the prettiest peridot.

You can enjoy these rich colors with a realistic alliterative that is quite affordable. Laboratory grown spinel is formed by a complex, time consuming process that duplicates the heat and pressurized conditions that cause spinel crystals to form in nature. These genuine laboratory grown spinels have the exact same physical and chemical properties as the extremely rare natural gems with the bonus of being near flawless and coming in large sizes. Finally . . . the rich colors of this collector's favorite is affordably yours. Click on the links below to view lab spinel gemstone jewelry -- ladies rings, mens rings, earrings, and pendants.

Blue Spinel Ladies Rings

Green Spinel Ladies Rings

Blue Spinel Man Rings

Green Spinel Man Rings

Spinel Earrings

Spinel Pendants

Spinel comes in finest reds that, in history, spinel was confused with ruby. Many crown jewels worn by kings and queens that were thought were rubies were rare spinel -- Queen Elizabeth, Henry the 5th and the Black Princess Ruby in the Imperial state crown of the British Crown Jewels.

The word Spinel is derived from the Latin word spinel because they have sharp pointy crystal structures. Spinel is the gemstone of 22 wedding anniversary Mohs Hardness -- 8.00
Refractive Index -- 1.712 - 1.717
Specific Gravity -- 3.58-4.06

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