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Taurus is the ones born from April 21 to May 21, which represents the Bull. It is the second sign in the zodiac, and is ruled by the planet Venus. Taurus is the most practical and consistent of all the signs .They are the leader of the group and the most relaxed of all the signs. They love music, food, woodwork and have wonderful voice. They are very patient. Diamond is the best suited stone for the Taurus jewelry. The other suitable gemstones are sapphire, red jasper, rose quartz, Emerald, blue kyanite and jade.

Color: Diamonds are mostly colorless .But if it is impure its color may vary from yellow, green, purple, pink, black and red.

Origin: The name comes from the Greek word Adamas, meaning unbeatable .A good diamond with purity is an expensive one.

Narration: Chemically diamond is very much similar to black opaque graphite, it is a mineral made of pure carbon. It is hardest usual substance; hence it can be polished or cut by another diamond itself. It is recognized by its toughness and adamantine luster The diamond used for the Taurus jewelry are graded depending on the color from blue-white to yellow .Diamond is also graded on its purity and is weighed in carats and points.

History: In the late Middle Ages there was very less use of diamonds ,it was suppose to give strength in battle and protect the warrior against magic and ghosts .It had number of industrial applications also.

Taurus rules the neck and throat, so people of this sign should take proper care of infections like throat, goiter, and respiratory ailments .Risk of diseases of womb, stomach, kidney and liver is common.

Taurus can wear jewelry embedded with diamonds as diamond is beneficial for stomach area and assists for the brain diseases and gives strength to the owner's memory. Red corral eases bowel problems and problems of the skin and in cleaning the system from impurities. It is also known to help the throat and problems of the voice. A jewelry made of jade stones is also said to ease renal problems.

Diamonds also helps to develop concentration and in becoming straight forward and honest ,which usually lacks in a Taurus person .They also give feeling of purity, life ,delight ,virtuousness and faith .It is said that the diamond lose its brightness with the health of the person wearing it and regains it only when the person recovers. The bloodstone and diamond worn together are said to be particularly propitious.

Good diamonds are mostly found in Ghana, Brazil, USA, Australia, and Russia. Taurus Zodiac signs can also achieve its stability by wearing the planets in their positions of control and concord. You can make a necklace or a bracelet with rose memory wire bracelet having a characteristics of pewter Bull bead and African Jasper beads for Venus. Or a Silvery rose Taurus necklace with a pewter Bull and African Jasper Venus bead. Taurus earrings with a bull and Venus bead are also available.

Diamond jewelry to gift a person born under the sign of Taurus especially of the gemstone, is extremely popular for a mother, a baby, a wife, a child, or a new grandmother. All different types of jewelry are available including rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

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